Ross is one of the most eccentric and passionate photographers I’ve ever worked with, and best of all; his pictures have a gritty realness – an intentional unintentional quality that I’m really feeling!!
— Alicia Keys
Ross is an amazing talent! I have had the pleasure of working with him on several shoots. We always have a blast! He puts so much heart into his work and it’s reflected in every photo he takes.
— LeAnn Rimes
Ross is tireless and always has new ideas. When a photographer is that driven and creative, you know you are going to get something special. I am so confident in Ross. I even asked him to photograph my wedding.
— Emily Robinson, Dixie Chicks
One of my favorite things about working with Ross is his sheer excitement to develop creative ideas. He is tremendously dedicated to making every photo reach its potential as an artistic statement. He is a hoot to work with too.
— Steve Vai
It was great meeting at first, now I’m your friend. WOW! You are such a great, gifted photographer! Keep the passion & ZEST FOREVER! Sweet guy, you’re my friend forever! Peace & love. You’re wonderfully successfully in life.
— Ron Kovic
Ross has taken some of the best pictures over my career. He makes me look better then I actually do. Maybe its because we’re such close friends. We crack each other up all the time. When I was first limping with ALS, he would let me hold his arm while walking. I love you my brother.
— Jason Becker
Ross is a BAD ASS photographer and a very cool guy to hang with. Ross has shot me all over the place and I have always dug his work. Thanks for all your love & support dude!
— Steve Lukathur